FIND yourself. LOOK your best. LIVE your life.

Living the Classy Life - FIND yourself.  LOOK your best.  LIVE your life.




The Classy Lady...


Audrey Hepburn


She has style. She has grace. She has an air of aristocracy. She may be rich. She may be famous. Or she may be the mom next door who always looks so put together. No matter who she is, you know her the minute you see her – and everyone admires her.

Being a class act means that you stay true to yourself – by defining who you are, dressing the part and living your happiest life. It is one of my personal goals to help you get there... to work with you to showcase your own Classy Lady.

As your Virtual Image Advisor (a.k.a. Image Consultant) I work with you to find styles that reflect who you are today, who you want to become, and that make you happy. Because when you look good and you KNOW you look good, you’re able to achieve so much more!

This site is dedicated to providing you with motivation, inspiration, and practical tips on how to incorporate classy living into your day-to-day routine. We’ll be discussing style, beauty, personal growth and development, health and wellness, and one of my favorite pastimes: shopping!

Get ready to start Living The Classy Life.

Stay Classy!
~A.C. Taylor


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